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Northeast Criminal Research, Inc
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Our Mission

Here at Northeast Criminal Research, our mission is to be the premier research provider of thorough & timely results to our clients in the employment screening industry. We are committed to providing a superior product the meets and exceeds our clients needs.

Whether you're a local landlord in need of resident screening or a large company in need of employee screening, Northeast Criminal Research will meet your needs.

Northeast Criminal Research provides timely & accurate services for all New Hampshire counties at the upper and lower court.
You know the importance of making the right choice...

Northeast Criminal Research, Inc is your best choice for wholesale criminal & civil research in New Hampshire. We've earned our reputation by providing our clients with a level of service in ways our competition can't match.

We Offer:

  • County Level Searches, right at the source
  • Felony & Misdemeanor
  • Civil Searches
  • Federal Criminal Record Checks

The company you choose makes all the difference when you're doing criminal and civil research. Our clients choose to work with us because we offer top quality, competitive pricing, and speed. Join us today and see for yourself why Northeast Criminal Research, Inc is your best choice for your wholesale research needs in New Hampshire.

Northeast Criminal Research will soon offer drug screening.

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